Sources of Inspiration

They changed my world

(confessed by Peksi)

Tom Peters

Radical thinker and business guru. Ex Navy Seabee, Pentagon and White Housen officer, management consultant at McKinsey & Company before making himself a brand.

“The New York Times referred to Peters as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker.” [wikipedia]

Gary Hamel

Hamel visualized a pyramid of human capabilities. A pyramid, which works brilliantly well at personal level and at organization level. Where are we, you and I, where are our organizations?

“The Wall Street Journal ranked Gary Hamel as one of the world’s most influential business thinkers, and Forbes magazine has called him the world’s leading expert on business strategy.” [wikipedia]

Simon Sinek

“Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work.” Simon Sinek wrote the “Start with Why” and jumped into my short list immediately.

Nick Vujicic

“Motivational speaker” like no other. I saw Nick’s presentation at Nordic Business Forum 2017 and was touched. I don’t share Nick’s religional beliefs, but holy molly, what a story, what a message he has.

Klaus Meine

Exactly, the voice of Scorpions, a legend. His lyrics have given me strength and peace of mind when I’ve been running out of steam in the uphills of life. Now, go listen acoustic “Follow Your Heart”.