Breaking the sweat while building the digital future for healthcare. With passion, since 2005

Mediterrum is a digital consultancy business specialised in healthcare sector
and large scale business critical, integrated web applications.

Live as you preach: we are very much digital nomads.
Our office is located in the technology park of Sophia Antipolis, 20 km from Nice airport,
yet our infrastructure and working methods are totally location independent.
We have desks in Espoo, Finland and Grenoble, France, too.

Starting from innovation, drafts and concepts,
through architecture and technical design,
we claim to have solid experience in coding and designing
both the back-end and front-end
as well as modern restful APIs.

Fullstack webdev - Architecture - Databases - Security - GDPR
Project management - Product development - Innovation

Northern working culture with a warm mediterranean breeze

C# - Transact SQL - .NET - AngularJS - Vue.js - JQuery - HTML5 - CSS
JavaScript - JSON - REST - Node.js - Jekyll - Liquid
HL7 V2.3 - HL7 CDA - FHIR - Git

Scroll down, look around. And pay a visit.

The team

Firing up any code.

Peksi Heimonen

Business Director


Juha Koho

Chief Technology and Security Officer

Shadow Hunter

Hannu Lius

Senior developer


Marko Piippola

Senior developer

Tempo Missile

Mikko Karhunen

Senior developer

Diving Triathlonist

Our visual world

We have a strange habit of taking photos, not just selfies.
With those photos we try to answer the Why question, which we keep hearing.
Take a look, have a peek into our non-professional life!

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All alone


Water, earth, sun and air

The four elements of Côte d'Azur


Cycling, cycles and sweat

what else


+33 6 11 42 52 15

2405 route des Dolines
06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis